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What Motivates Me?    
Understanding problems; working out solutions; making things work; working with other people in a team to deliver value to my employer or client, and ultimately to provide a quality product to the end user. Every product tends to have different technological components and the ability to learn different technologies is something I pride myself in.

What’s my USP?   
“Full stack” means different things to different people, but I think you could call me a full stack developer. I have worked at the code face on wvery part of the software stack from device drivers, through embedded applications, mobile applications, to large databases and user interfaces to access them. As well as coding I have lead teams, acted as technical consultant, and additionally covered server operations work (nothing beats eating your own dogfood!). On occasion I’ve delivered training, and in the past was regularly been sent troubleshooting to customer sites. Working in cross-site teams has been a feature of my career, and one that I have found interesting, rewarding and indeed productive.

I’m quite happy to work on very specific parts of a system, but an overall understanding never goes amiss, and it is often surprising how the fundamentals of sound engineering practice, the nature of information, distributed systems, concurrent processes, and design for performance are equally relevant at all levels of a solution.

Why am I seeking new challenges?   
It’s been a few years now since Springsmith Ltd ceased trading, largely because it’s sole employee and directory took up a permanent job, and what a great job it was – great people and an interesting product.

Well, all good things come to an end.  After three fantastic years learning more about databases and servers in a big data / Internet of Things based company, it came time to move on. Working for a start-up has its upsides and its downsides. Time for the employer and employee to enter a new phase. “An exciting opportunity for career diversification” as it were. Redundancy is never easy especially when leaving a much diminished team to carry on.

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