DevopsDays Edinburgh 2017 – An Extra Slice plus Links :

Bits and pieces from around the conference.

Conferences are a great opportunity to meet people with diverse interests and to pick up links to websites with all sorts of things to explore further.

OpenMicroscopy (aside)

I had an interesting chat with a chap from OpenMicroscopy an open source, open service for sharing raw scientific data from microscopes. A very cool project attempting to do something very academic.

There were also some Records of Scotland people there. I wonder if they are still doing stuff with MongoDB I haven’t see a job ad about that of late.

Instant Gratification Monkey

I can’t even remember which talk he came up in – but Google him if you like funny self-help books. My 18 year old son knew all about it – it’s a thing, apparently.

I suspect the IGM of eating people’s cheese when they can’t find it because it has been moved.

Active and Passive Eh?

I made a note which seemed very important and profound – but a bit like writing down a dream it seems a bit sparse now… can any body help? (it might be to do with update & failover)

“Active active app… Active passive db” is what it says – what does it mean?

Moustache templating managed a couple of passing quick mentions – (personally Handlebars has more going for it, or even EJS(embedded Javascript) as these have as simple a syntax as Moustache for doing the easy things but can do so much more). I like EJS because in a NodeJS and web-app world it keeps the number of languages to a minimum. I’d rather have one language to be an expert in than four to be mediocre at.

Additional resources…

A Classic Quote

For everyone that likes Microsoft Windows: “Those who do not understand Unix are condemned to reinvent it, poorly.” Henry Spencer