Skills and Expertise

Springsmith aims to deliver short, sharp and useful contributions to your business. Springsmith provides this through a wide range of skills and experience.

Technical leads, Software developers, Testers

Databases, Embedded  software, NodeJS, Java.

Proposals, project plans, software architecture, test strategies.

Tool Chains 

Java, Eclipse and Subversion tool chain

Automated test harness generators in perl (generating C)

C, C++, Linux, Embedded Linux,

Various IDEs (including Eclipse and WebStorm), git and Subversion for version control, Embedded Operating System Kernels


Wireless protocols

Unix workstations and servers

Android Applications

Embedded Linux (including device drivers)

Smart Cards

OpenGL based GUI, and numerical analysis software for engineering simulation tools.


Oracle Certified Professional Java SE Programmer

B.Sc. Computer Science


Principal Engineer

Server Team Lead

Lead Developer (project planning and staff co-ordination)

Developer of Test Frameworks

Unix and Linux Administration

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